SeedMe is a confidential invention platform and patent accelerator. SeedMe provides the resources, support, and funding for scientists, engineers, and inventors of all backgrounds and experiences to develop, protect, and license their ideas.

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The SeedMe Ecosystem

SeedMe provides expert feedback to members to develop ideas into protectable inventions. Members may submit ideas or contribute to ideas submitted by others. SeedMe will cover the costs to secure and license patents on selected inventions. Inventors and qualified contributors will share in future license revenue.

Invention Platform

Members submit original ideas through the SeedMe App. The community provides feedback to advance inventions for further consideration by the SeedMe team.

Intellectual Property

BranchMark is our legal services partner. BranchMark will file strategic patents on selected inventions, and SeedMe will cover all fees and costs.

Licensing & Revenue Sharing

Intellectual Asset Group is our licensing partner. Intellectual Asset Group will license or sell selected patents, and SeedMe will cover all fees and costs.

Is SeedMe for You?

If you are a problem solver who would like to share and develop your ideas within a trusted community, then SeedMe is for you. SeedMe is an experienced partner that will help members navigate the patent and licensing process.

Backed by Experts

SeedMe is backed by attorneys with decades of experience securing and licensing strategic patents.

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