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The Future of Inventing 

The SeedMe Story

At SeedMe, we believe there is a better way to innovate. A more valuable, less costly way where inventors of all backgrounds and experiences work together as a community to share, develop, and profit from their ideas. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help achieve it.

SeedMe was founded by attorneys Lisa Miller Schwartz and Paul Schwartz. It started as a vision: to remove the barriers to invention for all independent inventors. It resulted in a crowd-sourced invention platform and intellectual property accelerator that levels the playing field entirely. Companies don’t invent things, people do. Independent inventors often lack the time, experience, and resources to take the next steps. SeedMe provides access to the invention process, expertise and funding to secure strategic legal rights, and leverage to obtain return on invention. SeedMe provides a better way to innovate.

The SeedMe Founders


Lisa M. Schwartz

GO BLUE! Let’s get that out there right away.

I waited tables and worked as a barista in college (BA Economics, University of Michigan).

I worked as a trial attorney starting over twenty years ago at the Detroit Legal Aid and Defender Association where I represented defendants in Recorder’s Court managing and litigating hundreds of cases.

I’m a problem solver by nature and I have always been fascinated by inventions. Intellectual property was a natural evolution.

As a General Counsel, I have gained invaluable experience structuring and closing IP transactions including patent purchases, licenses, and sales.

I hear the phrase, “why didn’t we do that?” a lot. Now, you have a place to create, develop and store your ideas. SeedMe provides the platform, expertise and funding to get your ideas off the ground.

Four percent of US patents name women-only inventors over the last decade. We intend to change that!

I love to explore new places, meet new people, and learn their stories.

Fun Fact: I’m a 4.0 tennis player with a 2.0 knee.


Paul Schwartz

I’m the lone Spartan (BS Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University) in a family of Wolverines. I delivered packages for UPS between semesters and worked in road construction in the summers.

I was a patent litigator for over a decade. I learned quickly that lawyers can argue for years over the meanings of words that may have taken minutes to write. Words, knowledge, and experience matter.

I switched my practice to prosecution and licensing gaining valuable experience in the development and monetization of strategic patents.

Over the last thirty years, I have held various legal and business positions all relating to intellectual property. I have collectively written, reviewed, and monetized, thousands of patents. 

More often than not, great inventions arise out of simply identifying and resolving problems that others have accepted as normal.

I like coffee and dogs but not necessarily in that order.

Fun Fact: I’m a Million Mile Member of Delta Airlines. To commemorate the accomplishment, Delta sent me a suitcase.