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Overcoming Barriers to Invention

Everyone has a few good ideas. Some people have many. But if you are like most scientists and engineers, finding solutions to problems is the easy part. It’s determining what to do next (and whether to do it) that causes difficulty.

The invention process can be broadly broken down into 3 phases: development, protection, and monetization. At the threshold, ideas must be fully developed. They can then be protected by strategic patents which, in turn, may be monetized through license or sale. Each of these phases takes legal and technical expertise, extensive time, and substantial financial resources (cost of patents often exceeds $15K per country), which have, until now, functioned as insurmountable barriers for individual inventors.

SeedMe has removed the barriers to invention by providing a platform for invention development and expertise and funding to secure and license strategic patents. We have taken the “what to do next?” out of the equation, allowing inventors to focus on what they do best – invent. We’ll take care of the rest.