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The 2% Tipping Point

The vast majority of patents remain idle due to legal and commercial risks as well as limits in available time and resources. The more extensive a company’s manufacturing and sales activities, the broader and greater its exposure requiring more time and resources to vet, let alone implement, any single license opportunity. These real and substantive barriers to monetization have a chilling effect on innovation, hinder economic growth and, in some cases, impact the competitive edge of international economies. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the nominal number of issued patents that are licensed and sold (less than 2% of all issued patents) generate an astounding $200 billion a year in global revenue. This 2% “tipping point” corresponds to trillions USD in lost revenue and unacceptable risk for the remaining 98% of assets that remain indefinitely idle.

SeedMe transcends the above barriers for and on behalf of the SeedMe community.